To request a repair for a product (Ryobi), you can contact one of our authorized Service Centers.
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Warranty period
Out of warranty
During the warranty period, to repair a TTI's tool you can contact a TTI Approved Service Agent or your retailer. They will take of your tools and indicate you our procedures. The product must be left with a proof of purchase and all the accessories.
After the warranty period, your TTI Approved Service Agent or retailer will provide you recommendations for the maintenance, will sell you spare parts and accessories (some service stations can deliver by the post ).
Agents :
The TTI Approved Service Agents are trained in order to repair your TTI tool in the best conditions and provide you recommendation for the maintenance.We recommend you to call before going on the spot to be sure of the opening hours, availability of the parts and conditions of delivery.
Alternatively, you can request assistance directly from the retailer at which you made the purchase.